we’re counting down our picks for the top anime fan travel destinations ( Top 10 Japan Destination for Anime Fans ). For this list, we’re considering only locations or events that easily embrace the anime curiosity. If you’re a fan of anime, these should be on the top of your travel list. 

Here is the top 10 Japan Destination for Anime Fans list.

10. J-world Tokyo

let’s make our first stop at the mystical land of J world. Founded by the Namco Bandai group, J world is an indoor theme park dedicated to the company’s various properties, including the mega successful one piece and Dragon Ball Z. Once you step into the foyer and are greeted by a virtual projection of your favorite anime character, you know you’re in for a good time. Feel free to explore the various attractions based onall of shounen jump project and especially the manga based foodcourt, ramen for days.

9. Mandarake manga dealerships

my first impression was like I was in a museum, ancient toy museum from the past to present. Need to get your
anime pics on and quickly ?

simply step in to your nearest Mandarake anime store and you will be able to find anything and everything.
Anime and manga, Tokyo’s largest purveyor of anime merchandise. A large collection of manga DVDs and collectibles of your favorite series and of course you’ll also be able to find a large amount of dojinshi completely hand-drawn by local artists. If one of the Mandarake stores doesn’t satisfy you be sure to swing by animate, a the world’s largest anime store with 9 stories of anime to explore.

8. Mizuki Shigeru Road and Museum

On our next stop let’s take a look at the life of a true artist. A museum and neighborhood dedicated to the master youkai manga artist mizuki shigeru. Visitors are able to check out an authentic interpretation and analysis of the Masters work. A few of the works, you can check out are as flagships “GGG no kitaro” and “Akuma kun”. But also other historical projects, including his service in world war II. For historical and thought-provoking trip, do not leave this off your itinerary.

7. Aoba Castle


You ever wanted to check out a real-life castle ? I mean, who wouldn’t.


 If you’re an anime fan is well, make your way over to the Sendai prefecture and spend some time in Aoba Castle. An important figure piece in the history of the region. Aoba was mainly used for ceremonial and administrative purposes instead of housing a military force. In art and media, Aoba Castle has served as an inspiration to many shown in anime. And you can see its influence pretty much everywhere. Now recognized as a national historic monument. The Aoba Castle won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

6. Kyoto International manga museum


Are you a fan of manga more than anything ?

Then, make your way up to Kyoto, and spend several days at the Kyoto International manga museum.Sporting a massive catalogue of over 300 thousand titles. The museum has essentially every title any manga fan could ever look for. These aren’t just modern titles either, as you can also find titles from before World War two, offering a very welcoming atmosphere and even classes on how to write manga. Any fan of the written version of your favorite series, needs to make this their next stop.


5. Pokemon Center In Tokyo


we couldn’t make a trip to Japan without stopping for are totally not a problem and we can quit whenever we want.


Pokemon fix the brand’s official shop, this is where Pokemon lovers can catch all the pokemon merch they could ever want. There is no shortage of Pokemon merchandise out there. And this place is the Pokemon Mecca. Do you need to hone your Pokemon skills ? the center holds a regular events and training seminars for players who just need a little help. Fun fact, the Pokemon decorations and theme of the store changes with the seasons.

4. Tezuka Osamu manga museum

Tezuka Osamu manga Museum

Tezuka Osamu manga

Tezuka osamu is often considered the Walt Disney of Japan.
Most known for his most influential creation, Astroboy.
Tezuka Osamu is praised by the manga industry for his redefinition of genres. And pioneering techniques that still used today, among other monumental achievements of course. Fans can experience Osamu worked in an entirely new way by checking out a literal walk of fame. Featuring the hands and feet of his characters, they can also check out early exhibitions of most of his works to see how much each project has changed since their inception.

3. Gundam front Tokyo


ever wanted to check out a real-life Gundam ? well, this is as close as you’re
gonna get without building your own.

gundam-front-tokyo_blogepediaFeaturing an 18 meter tall replica of the popular rx-782 Gundam model out front. Gundam front Tokyo is a must stop for any Gundam fan. There’s plenty of concept artwork. A 360 panoramic theater, and a room just for the various Gundam models throughout the years. while you technically don’t get to pilot that big replica out front, we promise you still won’t leave disappointed. Be sure to also visit the gundam cafe, where you can have food dishes and drinks based on your favorite characters.


2. Studio Ghibli museum



Known by many as the famed studio behind such classics as My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke,
Ghibli is a showcase for the best that anime has to offer. If you’re lucky, you’re even able to see the desk of Ghibli deity Hayao Miyazaki and learn how his works were created step-by-step. Containing not only a fine art showcase, but also a technology and a Children’s Museum. Miyazaki claims that it should not just be an experience, but a portal to another world.

1. Akihabara district

akihabara district blogepedia

there’s nothing quite like shopping in the great district of Akihabara. Known worldwide as
mecca for otaku, Akihabara has allowed itself to be molded by the culture. A place with manga anime and technology shops on every corner. It is no surprise that Akihabara hosts a massive amount of
foreign otaku every year. If an anime fan can’t find what they’re looking for here, it probably doesn’t exist. if you don’t want to squeeze through the crowded streets of Akihabara, swing by the Tokyo anime Center, and snag some merchandise for the more modern and upcoming titles
akihabara district blogepedia akihabara district blogepedia

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Thats all of the 10 Travel destination in Japan for Anime Fans. Do you agree with our list ? what anime travel destination is on your itinerary ? For more intriguing top 10s, be sure to subscribe our website. But hold on, you can also read tips to choose best destination for your vacation to make sure everything goes smooth as you expected.
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